Production Services

Think of us as a liaison for any of your production needs, no matter what the size is.

We're located in the heart of Seoul, where endless combination of gears are obtainable and crews configurable.

Last but no least, this team of aces are willing to travel to your desired locations.


Being a sister company to the Pandora Films, a global production service company specializing in commercial films, have a lot of benefits.

Having accesses to the databank and industry know-hows comprised of over a decade worth of experiences, Film Production Korea is your best friend when it comes to shooting commercials in Korea.


Did you know that some of our producers are documentary filmmakers themselves?

Having extensive experiences from working with award-winning documentary filmmakers to a corporate films and a lot more projects under our belt, we will be your guiding light through the logistic nightmares often associated with documentary productions.

Feature film

Features are something that we take very seriously, because unlike other service productions, Film Production Korea is actually filmmakers ourselves.

Having worked from Hollywood to Bollywood and combined experiences reaching far into the corners and around the world, we're here to help you make it happen.

Music Video

Rise of K-Pop opened up many doors and opportunities for creatives around the world to collaborate on many exciting ideas, often times leading to new music and videos.

As more people are aware of Korea's beautiful cityscapes and natural canvases of visual potential as well as talented creative individuals, it is a perfect time now to shoot music video in Korea. We're all ears to an exciting ideas.